Naturally better

PDLLA injectable
Pure collagen stimulator

Naturally better


Patent PDLLA

Challenge is the drive we keep seeking in global market by having new opportunities not just being with good solutions but sharing our insights with our partners and masters. PLLA(Poly L-lactic acid) has been in medical market more than 50years where this new challenge hasn’t been brought up for the past decades.
Bring our solution is truly a unique biotechnology turning PLLA into PDLLA(Poly-D, L-lactic acid) based on our pure technology of patent BPM(Biodegradable polymer microparticles), post-polymerization treatments US C08F6/00.

AestheFill® Structure

Safety of AestheFill®

Biodegradable: Through hydrolysis, PDLLA is decomposed info CO2 and H2O, and is excreted outside the body.

There is no migration of PDLLA into other tissue after injection.


Collagen Stimulator

Monocyte Move at the injected area

Production of new tissues confirmed by histological analysis.

Pink : Cytoplasm
Dark pink or Blue : Nucleus
Arrows : Foreign body giant cells

  • At Week 2 after injection, cells have grown and attached on the surface of PDLLA particles and to spaces between particles. The empty spaces between particels have been filled with cells.
  • At Week 8, there are no empty spaces between PDLLA particles, by being filled with cells which start to move into porous PDLLA particles (yellow arrow).
  • At Week 12 and 20, cells have moved into the inner parts of PDLLA particles, and fill inside and spaces between the particles.

Histological analysis - IHC staning for
actin and Type1 collagen

Production of new tissues confirmed by histological analysis.

  • From Week 4, new collagen has been generated by the cells settled in the PDLLA.
  • At Week 12 and 20, collagen expression increased between porous PDLLA particles and inside the particles
    (yellow arrows).