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PDLLA injectable
Pure collagen stimulator

Naturally better

About AestheFill®

PDLLA; Poly-D, L-lactic acid
Injectable collagen stimulator
AestheFill® is nature-technology of BPM Patent that helps regenerate natural collagen through its stages over 24 months – 36 months after the injection. Its effectiveness and safety have been proved by clinical studies around the globe.[1]

Collagen is an essential scaffold protein that gives smoothness and elasticity to skin, shrinking into ridges by aging.

Injectable PDLLA, which has been the first in aesthetic medicine to require the highest standards of bio-technology, is a biocompatible, biodegradable, bio-stimulatory, and long-lasting substance, opening a new chapter of a new generation of soft tissue fillers, as well as allowing a brief reconstitution step before its use.[2]


  • [1] AestheFill Clinical Study Report_2014-2021
  • [2] Injectable Poly-D, L-lactic Acid in Facial Rejuvenation: Three Case Reports. Jui-Yu Lin and Chuan-Yuan Lin. Cosmetol J 2020, 4(1): 000120.


  • Safety

    FDA approved substance under its GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) registration since 1984. AestheFill has acquired 20+ approvals worldwide with its proven safety by meeting global compliance.
  • Biocompatible

    There has been zero allergic reaction or rejection symptoms for the past 10 years of use which proves the best solution to correct facial wrinkles & folds as well as bodily shape.
  • Biodegradable

    Through the stages of stimulation after the injection of 24 months, collagen and PDLLA will be in down-phase to be absorbed or decomposed perfectly from human body.
  • Natural volume

    As the PDLLA focuses on slow release of its process over 24 months successively, it will create a natural appearance on any expected area designed by our skillful masters.
  • Satisfactory procedure

    No incision, no bleeding, fewer complications, but a simple injection will lead you to a great experience of relaxation, expecting naturally better procedure with excellent satisfaction.
  • Customer friendly

    Technical specialty allows the entire procedure simple. As reconstitution with sterile water gets easier by minutes in various ways, it will allows smooth injection and after.

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Patent PDLLA

Challenge is the drive we keep seeking in global market by having new opportunities, not just being with good solutions, but sharing our insights with our partners and masters. PLLA(Poly L-lactic acid) has been in medical market for more than 50 years, where this new challenge hasn’t been brought up for the past decades. Bringing our solution is truly a unique biotechnology, turning PLLA into PDLLA(Poly-D, L-lactic acid) based on our pure technology of patent BPM.
The surface of the particle has multiple pores with high density serving to attract fibroblast into the microsphere.
Its spongiform of PDLLA inner structures gives fibroblast space to reside and activate collagen formation.

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